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My human did it and so can you!
Want to know all her tricks (& tips)?

Yes, Show Me The Tricks!

Hi, I'm Blue (and Julia)!

I'm a stay-at-home dog looking after my human, Julia. She's a freelance WordPress Developer. Julia used to work in a 9-5 job and it was okay, but she was gone ALLL DAAAY LOOONG! Fortunately for me, she fell in love with web development and started her own business....WORKING FROM HOME! She loves her job so much, she decided to share her story and her knowledge with folks just like you. Check out the BLOG for all the juicy info!

Check out all the awesome stuff my human (Julia) accomplished when she decided to learn a new tech skill and start her own business:

  • (Almost) quadrupled her hourly rate in less than 5 months

  • Started her own freelance business as a WordPress Web Developer

  • Joined a network of amazing entrepreneurs and networked her tush off

  • After only 7 months, she more than tripled her initial monthly income

  • Taught herself web development and built multiple WordPress websites from scratch

  • Migrated ump-teen websites/emails from bad hosts to excellent hosts

  • Backed-up, updated, secured, maintained, fixed the white-screen-of-death on ump-teen websites

Want to learn more - check out the BLOG.

Do you want to break free from your 9-5 job?
Are you ready to learn a new skill and be your own boss?

My human did it and so can you!

Julia taught herself web development, fell in love with WordPress and started her own successful freelance business! Plus, she's doing what she loves and makes really good money - who knew?! Want to learn more - check it out NOW!

Web Development

Web development is the backbone of Julia's success. She started out learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript before diving into PHP, which got her interested in WordPress. Combining her front-end knowledge with PHP made her a bone-a-fide (haha...I said bone) WordPress Web Developer.


Julie LOVES WordPress and goes on and on about how wonderful it is - functionality, scalability, a bunch of stuff humans seem to care about. It’s supported by a HUGE community and apparently a lot of people dig it (27% of the whole internet). I dig bones. Julia says WordPress has good bones.


Once Julia learned her new-fangled tech skills, she wasn't sure what to do next. Obviously she wanted to stay home with me, so she started her own business and now she is her own boss! You know what that means - more time for walks, swimming and fetch in the middle of the day!
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